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Icehouse Songs: Crazy
Icona Pop
Songs: I Love It (feat. Charli XCX)
Imajin Songs: Shorty (You Keep Playing With My Mind) (feat. Keith Murray)
Imca Marina
Hendrikje Imca Bijl
Songs: Viva España - Vino (Waar Blijft De Wijn)
Infant Sorrow
Soundtrack Get Him To The Greek
Songs: Just Say Yes (Get Him to the Greek) - Going Up (Get Him to the Greek) - Bangers, Beans and Mash (Get Him to the Greek) - F.O.H. (Get Him to the Greek) - Little Bird (Get Him to the Greek)
Elena Alexandra Apostoleanu
Songs: Club Rocker - Amazing - Un momento (feat. Juan Magan) - Déjà Vu (feat. Bob Taylor) - Cola Song (feat. J Balvin)
ItaloBrothers Songs: This Is Nightlife (Video Edit)