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Singen Moody's Mood For Love / Teo Licks Karaoke - Amy Winehouse - MP3 Karaoke

Die Aufnahme ist eine Coverversion des Songs Moody's Mood For Love / Teo Licks im Stil von: Amy Winehouse

Enthaltene Formate:


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Im gleichen Tempo wie das Original: 75 BPM

In der gleichen Tonart wie das Original: G-Dur

Dauer: 02:50 - Vorschau auf: 01:06

Veröffentlichung: 2003
Musikrichtungen: Soul, Jazz, Englisch
Songwriters: Dorothy Fields, Eddie Jefferson
Komponisten: Jimmy McHugh, James Moody, Amy Winehouse
Original Songwriter: Smith Luke Andrew

Alle erhältlichen Titel sind Playbacks und keine Originalversionen.

Text Moody's Mood For Love / Teo Licks

There I go there I go there I go there I go
Pretty baby you are the soul snaps my control
Such a funny thing but everytime your near me I never can behave
You give me a smile and
I'm wrapped up in your magic
There's music all around me crazy music music that
Keeps calling me so very close to you turns me into your slave
Come on and do with me any little thing that you want to
Anything baby just let me get next to you
So am I insane or do I really see heaven in your eyes
Bright as stars that shine up above you
In the clear blue sky how I worry 'bout you
Just can't live my life without you baby come here
Don't have no fear oh is there a wonder why
I'm really feeling in the mood for love
So tell me why stop to think about this weather my dear
This little dream might fade away
There I go talking out of my head again baby
Won't you come and put our two hearts together
That would make me strong and brave
Oh when we are one
I'm not afraid I'm not afraid
Now if there's a cloud up above us
Come on and let in rain I'm sure our love together would endure a hurricane
Oh my baby won't you please let me love
You and give a relief from this awful misery
About loving me my sweet
I am not afraid not anymore not like before
Don't you understand me now baby please
Pull yourself together do it soon
My soul's on fire come on and take me
I'll be what you make me my darling, my sweet
Oh baby you make me feel so good let me take you by the hand
Come let me visit out there in that new promised land
Maybe there we can find a good place to use a lovin' state of mind
I'm so tired of being without and never knew what love's about
Vince Henry you can come on in man and you can blow now if you want to I'm through

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