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Singen So Long, London Karaoke - Taylor Swift - MP3 Karaoke

Die Aufnahme ist eine Coverversion des Songs So Long, London im Stil von: Taylor Swift

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Im gleichen Tempo wie das Original: 160 BPM

In der gleichen Tonart wie das Original: A-Dur

Dauer: 04:20 - Vorschau auf: 02:08

Veröffentlichung: 2024
Musikrichtungen: Pop, Synthpop, Englisch
Original Songwriter: Aaron Brooking Dessner, Taylor Swift

Alle erhältlichen Titel sind Playbacks und keine Originalversionen.

Text So Long, London

I saw in my mind fairy lights through the mist
I kept calm and carried the weight of the rift
Pulled him in tighter each time he was driftin' away
My spine split from carryin' us up the hill
Wet through my clothes
Weary bones caught the chill
I stopped tryna make him laugh
Stopped tryna drill the safe
How much sad did you think I had, did you think I had in me
Oh the tragedy
So long
You'll find someone
I didn't opt in to be your odd man out
I founded the club she's heard great things about
I left all I knew, you left me at the house by the Heath
Stopped CPR
After all it's no use
The spirit was gone
We would never come to
And I'm pissed off you let me give you all that youth for free
For so long
Stitches undone
Two graves
One gun
I'll find someone
And you say I abandoned the ship but I was goin' down with it
My white-knuckle dyin' grip holdin' tight to your quiet resentment
And my friends said
It isn't right to be scared every day of a love affair
Every breath feels like rarest air when you're not sure if he wants to be there
So how much sad did you think I had, did you think I had in me
How much tragedy
Just how low did you think I'd go before I'd self-implode, before I'd have to go be free
You swore that you loved me but where were the clues
I died on the altar waitin' for the proof
You sacrificed us to the gods of your bluest days
And I'm just gettin' color back into my face
I'm just mad as hell 'cos I loved this place for
So long
Had a good run
A moment of warm sun
But I'm not the one
So long
Stitches undone
Two graves
One gun
You'll find someone

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