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In der gleichen Tonart wie das Original: C-Dur, F-Dur, Bb-Dur

Der Song beginnt a capella

Veröffentlichung: 1986
Musikrichtungen: Musicals & Broadway, Englisch
Songwriters: Richard Stilgoe, Charles Hart
Original Songwriter: Andrew Lloyd Webber

Alle erhältlichen Titel sind Playbacks und keine Originalversionen.

Text Prima Donna

Your public needs you we need you, too
Would you not rather have your precious little ingenue
Signora, no the world wants you
Prima donna first lady of the stage
Your devotees are on their knees to implore you
Can you bow out when they're shouting your name
Think of how they all adore you
Prima donna enchant us once again
Think of your muse and of the queues 'round the theatre
Can you deny us the triumph in store
Sing, prima donna once more
Prima donna your song shall live again
Think of your public
You took a snub but there's a public who needs you
Those who hear your voice liken to an angel
Think of their cry of undying support
We get our opera
Follow where the limelight she gets her limelight leads you
Leading ladies are a trial
Prima donna, your song shall never die
You'll sing again
Tears, oaths, Iunatic demands and to unending ovation are regular occurrences
Think how you'll shine in that final encore
Surely there'll be further scenes
Sing prima donna once more
Worse than this
Who'd believe a diva happy to relieve a chorus girl
Who's gone and slept with the patron 0, fortunata
Raoul and the soubrette entwined in love's duet
Non ancor abbandonata
Although he may demur he must have been with her
You'd never get away with all this in a play
But if it's loudly sung
This is a game you cannot and in a foreign tongue hope to win
It's just the sort of story audiences adore
In fact a perfect opera
The stress that falls upon
Prima donna a famous prima donna
The world is at your feet
Terrible diseases coughs and colds and sneezes a nation waits
Still, the dryest throat will
And how it hates reach the highest note to be cheated
In search of perfect opera
Light up the stage with that
Light up the stage with that age old rapport age old rapport
Sing, prima donna
Sing, prima donna once more once more
So, it is great war between us if these demands are not met
A disaster beyond your imagination will occur
Once more
Gentlemen, if you would care to take your seats
I should be sitting in box five
Do you really think that's wise
My dear Andre there appear to be no seats available other than box five
Serafino, away with this defense
You cannot speak but kiss me in my husband's absence

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