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Mit Hintergrund-Gesangsstimme (wahlweise in der KFN-Version)

In der gleichen Tonart wie das Original: G#-Moll, D♭

Veröffentlichung: 1996
Musikrichtungen: Rap & Hip-Hop, Pop, Englisch
Original Songwriter: Terry Britten, Graham Hamilton Lyle

Alle erhältlichen Titel sind Playbacks und keine Originalversionen.

Text What's Love Got To Do With It

When G Dog the hog come up in da place
Dollar signs in yo' eyes an' a smile on yo' face
Ya wanna live fat offa my sack you
Got mo' drag than a low low dog cut the act
'Cos back before ninety two ninety three
You didn't give a damn about Warren G
But now that I'm slingin' platinum LPs all of a sun you on my N U Ts
Ain't nothin' you can do to make it stop
'Cos money makes the world go round
And the panties drop
I ain't in love though
I don't need the pressure
I jus' wanna dig ya like I'm diggin' for treasure
Some o' y'all had a good thing that you couldn't keep
Thought you was TLC you had to creep
You say you had love
I say you're bullshit
It's all about the dough so what's love got to do with it
That's right
Uh hu
Now I'm the type o' brother that's down fo' mine
Befo' I made boots
I was down to grind
Back den every single homie had my back
Now dey peepin' my stack and dey talkin' 'bout jack
But I'm the same brother day in an' day out
An' I'mmo stay that way until the day I lay out
In the casket it's drastic 'cos homies is plastic
Break em off some bread dey want the whole damn basket
If you's a true homie you would wish me well not plot to make a brother fail
Jealous as hell we used to get the same riches
Now your trigga finger got the itches schemin' on my bitches
Which is not a surprise my eyes peep game two eleven
One eighty seven its all the same it's all a shame
Homies'll jack you fo' yo' grip ain't no love involved 'cos it's all about the chips
That's right
Uh hu
Now fo' dese labels tellin' fables
Makin' dem fucked up deals under the table
You think that you smart but fool I'm the smartest
You can't make no money if you can't keep a artist
Sign the dotted line put 'em on the shelf
Break 'em off some crumbs keep the rest for yourself
I know how it goes treat a artist like a hoe
Fly cars gold clothes but no dough
Since it's all business I'mmo handle
Mine keep track of my stack down to the very last dime
'Cos in dis rap game it's all about the buck you bein'
Open fod the lable and you will get fucked
Like how you run up in a trick an' den you through
The record label do the same shit to you
Ninety percent business ten percent show
Ain't no love in dis game 'cos it's all about the dough
That's right
Uh hu
That's right
That's right
Uh hu
That's right
That's right
Uh hu
That's right
That's right
Uh hu
That's right

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