O'G3NE Songs: Change Will Come (The Voice Of Holland Live) - Magic - Het Is Over - Lights and Shadows
Aitana Ocaña Songs: Lo malo (& Ana Guerra) - Teléfono
Ocean Drive Songs: Without You (Perdue sans toi) (feat. DJ Oriska)
Frank Ocean Songs: Sweet Life - Slide (feat. Calvin Harris & Migos) - Novacane - Super Rich Kids (feat. Earl Sweatshirt) - Thinkin Bout You
Esther Ofarim
Songs: Morning Of My Life (duett mit Abi Ofarim)
Songs: Katchi (feat. Nick Waterhouse) - Be Mine - Party ((feat. Wax & Herbal T)) - Paradise (feat. Benjamin Ingrosso)
Fito Olivares Songs: Fin de semana (Cumbia)
Olly Murs
Oliver "Olly" Stanley Murs
Songs: Thinking Of Me - Moves (feat. Snoop Dogg) - I Wan'na Be Like You (& Robbie Williams) - Dear Darlin' - Troublemaker (feat. Flo Rida)
Don Omar
Songs: Danza kuduro (feat. Lucenzo) - Salió El Sol - Dale don dale (feat. Glory) - Zumba - Taboo
OMC Songs: How Bizarre
One Night Only Songs: Say You Don't Want It (feat. Emma Watson)
Orgy Songs: Opticon
Songs: Hey Ya! (Radio Mix - Club Mix) - Ms. Jackson - The Way You Move (feat. Sleepy Brown) - Wat Da Hook Gon Be (& Murphy Lee) - Roses (feat. Big Boi)
Owl City
Adam Young
Songs: Fireflies - Good Time (& Carly Rae Jepsen) - Umbrella Beach - Shine Your Way (feat. Young & Yuna) - Vanilla Twilight