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Singen Stayed Gone Karaoke - Hazbin Hotel - MP3 Karaoke

Die Aufnahme ist eine Coverversion des Songs Stayed Gone im Stil von: Hazbin Hotel
Christian Borle, Amir Talai & Joel Perez

Enthaltene Formate:


Das Format CDG (auch genannt CD+G oder MP3+G) ist mit den meisten Karaokemaschinen verwendbar. Es beinhaltet MP3 und synchronisierte Liedtexte. (Karaoke Version verkauft keine CDs, sondern ausschließlich digitale Dateien).

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Mit Hintergrund-Gesangsstimme (wahlweise in der KFN-Version)

Tempo: variabel (ca. 102 BPM)

In der gleichen Tonart wie das Original: A-Moll

Der Song beginnt a capella

Dauer: 03:01 - Vorschau auf: 01:12


Veröffentlichung: 2024
Musikrichtungen: TV- & Filmmusik, Musicals & Broadway, Englisch
Original Songwriter: Samuel Haft, Andrew Underberg

Alle erhältlichen Titel sind Playbacks und keine Originalversionen.

Text Stayed Gone

That fucker's back
I thought he was gone for good too
It's been seven years
You still pissed he almost beat you that time
Uh fuck you
Things have changed a lot
Just sayin' since he left town
That's for sure
I gotta send a message of who's really in charge of things now
Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha
Welcome home
I'm gonna make you wish that you'd stayed gone
Say hello to a new status quo
Everyone knows that there's a brand new dawn
Turn the TV on
Camera speeds
Rollin' in three
Top of the hour and we're discussin' a certain has-been
Who has been spotted cavortin' around town after a seven-year absence
Did anybody miss him
Did anybody notice
More on tonight's program
So the Radio Demon is back in town
Why is he hangin' around
What does that mean for your family
Well handily I've got good news
He's a loser, a fossil and I don't mean to sound hostile but the demon is a coward
You can take that as gospel
Pullin' my viewers, impossible
I'm visual, he's barely audible
Stop givin' him the time of day
Don't listen to a word he'd say
I hope he had a nice vacay but he should've stayed away
While he hid in radio we've pivoted to video
Now his medium is gettin' bloody rare
Hell's been better since he split
Where's he been
Who gives a shit
Good to be back on the air
Yes I know it's been a while since someone with style treated Hell to a broadcast
Sinners rejoice
Instead of a clout-chasin'
What a dated voice mediocre video podcast
Come on
Is Vox insecure, pursuin' allure
Flittin' between this fad and that
Is nothin' workin'
Ignore his chirpin'
Every day he's got a new format
You're lookin' at the future
He's the shit that comes before that
Is Vox as strong as he purports or is it based on his support
He'd be powerless without the other Vees
Oh please
And here's the sugar on the cream
He asked me to join his team
Hold on
I said no and now he's pissy
That's the tea
You old-timey prick
I'll show you sufferin'
Uh oh
The TV is bufferin'
I'll destroy you
I'm afraid you've lost your signal
Let's begin
I'm gonna make you wish that I'd stayed gone
Tune on in
When I'm done
Your status quo will know its race is run
Oh this will be fun
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
Ha ha ha

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