Fleur East Songs: Sax
EFF Songs: Stimme
Mikky Ekko
Songs: Stay (& Rihanna)
Musicals & Broadway (1992)
Songs: Ich gehör nur mir (Pia Douwes)
Ell & Nikki Songs: Running Scared (Eurovision Azerbaijan)
Elodie Songs: Margarita (& Marracash) - Pensare male (& The Kolors)
Auch bekannt als / unter Emilia Rydberg & Emilia Mitiku
Songs: Big Big World
Empire Songs: What Is Love? (feat. Veronika Bozeman) - You're So Beautiful (Jussie Smollett & Yazz) - Powerful
Michael English
Songs: Walk of Life (The Late Late Country Special) - Ten Guitars - Rock 'n' Roll Medley (Live INEC & Killarney) - Friday At The Dance - Angelina
Loick Essien Songs: How We Roll (feat. Tanya Lacey) - Me Without You
Eurovision Song Contest
Songs: Ein Bisschen Frieden (Nicole - Germany 1982 - Winner) - Frauen Regier'N Die Welt (Roger Cicero - Germany 2007) - Aufrecht Geh'n (Mary Roos - Germany 1984) - Wunder Gibt Es Immer Wieder (Katja Ebstein - Germany 1970) - No No Never (Texas Lightning - Germany 2006)
Jace Everett Songs: Bad Things (True Blood)